May 21 (Highland Park, CA)

-soundful colors & beyond-
(a concert series with live music & live paint)

MON DAVID [Jazz singer]
Mon David, London International Vocal Jazz Competition winner has a vocal prowess recognized by Don Heckman ( Int'l. Review of Music ) as "a remarkable voice capable of leaping octaves in a single bound combined with a world class scat singing style."
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DE'ANZA [Latin alternative]
Redefining what it is to be Latin Alternative, De’Anza creates an eclectic mix of music, crossing borders and boundaries, resulting in a new take on an old form. Using resources from various ends of the musical spectrum while taking cues from traditional mariachi sounds and blending layers of modern sonics, De’Anza is a breath of fresh air in a rather smoggy metropolis.
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GOH [acoustic rock jazz]
Residing in Los Angeles and traveling the world from Japan, GOH is a 'tap/slap' guitarist armed with his original songs of acoustic rock jazz, electrifying soundscapes, and stunning arrangements of familiar global melodies.
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PETE MORRIS [live painting]
"Morris painted on the spot portraits of the happening!" —LA Jazz Scene
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⊷ Date ⊶
Sunday, May 21
open: 2:30pm / show: 3-4:30pm (come early for the "visual wonderland")
no admission fee (pass the hat donations)
MorYork Gallery, Highland Park, CA (click >>HERE<< for photos of MorYork)
All Ages Gathering

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