-soundful colors & beyond- (a concert series with live music & live paint)

-soundful colors & beyond-

Combining live music and live painting in an intimate visual wonderland known as MorYork gallery, Brilliant Strings is an international concert series based in the City of Angels. It is designed to bring world class music to all age groups. 

Original songs, acoustic music, chamber classical, funk, blues, electric, jazz, rock, flamenco, bluegrass, experimental soundscapes, brought in seasonal installments by duos, bands, solo artists, and group ensembles. 

From local creatives to global traveling artists, major recording artists, NPR featured talents, and Grammy winners, the Brilliant Strings team continues to seek out the finest. Brilliant Strings launched in 2013, and thus far has hosted around 100 musical acts from Los Angeles and around the world including the Philippines, Brazil, Croatia, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Austria, Australia, China, the Hawaiian islands as well as other parts of the US. 

We are currently on break because of renovation to our home venue and plan to continue our musical gatherings in 2020. 

Please stay tuned and watch for upcoming announcements to be made here, or In the meantime, should you be interested in hosting your own event (public/private) with live music and live paint, please send us a message to BrilliantStrings(at) and we will get back to you. 

We are truly grateful to our dedicated following who continue to come out and spread the word about Brilliant Strings. We are about connecting people through listening and seeing art, bringing art to the foreground of life’s enjoyment. 

Thank you.

BST / Brilliant Strings Team

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